Our Intensive General Spanish course is delivered in Hondarribia and is a practical course designed to give you the knowledge, skills and fluency you need in today’s world. We use dynamic teaching techniques to deliver motivating lessons which will meet your individual needs and goals.

  • Groups

    Maximum group size: 8

  • Minimum duration

    2 weeks

  • Schedule

    Monday  9:00 a 11:00 AM
    Friday  8:30  -12:30 AM

  • Start dates

    Any Monday

Who’s it for?

This Intensive General Spanish course is designed for motivated adults who would like to gain confidence and develop their ability to use Spanish in a variety of situations. Typically, course participants need to improve their Spanish for a variety of reasons including work, studies, travel and to live in a Spanish-speaking country. This Spanish course will help you to make rapid progress in your Spanish language skills.

The Benefits

At the end of this Spanish course you can expect to:

  • Be able to communicate more confidently.
  • Be able to speak more accurately and fluently.
  • Be able to improve your grammar and vocabulary.
  • Be able to socialise in Spanish more effectively.
  • Have an increased chance of success if you later take an examination course.
  • Have developed your ability to get, and succeed in, a job which needs Spanish.
Included in fees

  • All English course materials and resources.
  • Detailed end of course progress report.

1-4 weeks

560 € / week

5 – 12 weeks 

495 € / week

  • 2022: 12 September – 7 October
  • 2022: 10 October – 4 November
  • 2022: 7 November – 2 December
  • 2023: 9 January – 3 February
  • 2023: 6 March –  31 March
  • 2023: 3 April – 28 April
  • 2023: 1 May – 25 May
  • 2023: 29 May – 23 June



  • 2022: 3 July – 28 July

  • 2022: 31 July – 25 August


We understand that the quality and type of accommodation is very important when you come to study here at GetSmart 180º Language. We work closely with a range of local accommodation providers. Our Accommodation team visits the apartments on a regular basis to make sure that the accommodation we arrange for you is of an excellent standard. We are happy to advise and help with any questions you may have.